What We Do

Sustainable Agriculture & Humane Treatment

The Mast Family has been farming our land since 1941, which is located on 120 acres in the pristine Oley Valley. Nevin has been raising livestock for over 40 years, and is passionate about providing the highest quality meats, by using practices that sustain the natural ecosystem and foster a humane lifestyle for the animals.

Our animals never receive hormones or antibiotics

All of our animals are raised outside, on pasture, with optional cover for our pigs and chickens, who can be sensitive to the summer sun. We only raise poultry in warmer months so that they can be in a natural environment. Our egg layers have a mobile trailer for their chicken house, and are also rotated on green grass.
Animals at Bendy Brook Farm

No Chemicals, No GMOs, No Hormones

At Bendy Brook Farm we raise our animals naturally and intervene with their routine as little as possible. Our beef are 100% grass fed, and we use rotational grazing practices to keep our farm ecosystem in balance. In the winter they receive hay, maintaining their grass diet. The calves are born in the spring as nature intended and raised in the pasture alongside their mothers.

Our poultry and pigs are raised with plenty of space to roam and display their natural behaviors. Any feed they receive is soy-free, organically grown grain.

Our pigs are a Berkshire cross breed, sought-after among chefs for amazing flavor. Our pigs also feed on whey from a neighboring cheesemaker, further improving our pork flavor.

Our chickens are raised in portable pens, moved daily, and incorporate grass and insects into their diet; we also butcher chickens on the farm with a USDA mobile processing unit and have complete control of our process. We have been honored to be told by our customers, “you have the best tasting chickens we have ever eaten!”


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