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Soy free, Whey fed Pork

Individual variety cuts are available, see our Order Form for details.

Organically raising pork in a natural environment produces a leaner, healthier animal because the pigs can move around all day long without any confinement issues. Because pigs are not ruminant animals, we supplement their diet with a soy free organically grown grain that contains beneficial nutrition and produces more omega-3 fatty acids. Our pigs also enjoy fresh whey from a neighboring farm. Pasture-raised pork also have fewer health problems than in a confined operation, so antibiotics and drugs are not needed.

At Bendy Brook Farm, we raise Berkshire cross pigs, so that they do not suffer from the genetic traits of pure breeding, but still boast the rich flavor and darker colored meat for which Berkshire pigs are famous. Our pigs are also GMO free and handled with humane care.

Pork Bundles: Value & Variety

  • 70-100 pounds
  • Vacuum sealed in culinary friendly portions.
  • Cuts include Baby Back Ribs, Spare Ribs, Pork Chops, Bacon, Pork Loin, Ground Pork, Breakfast Sausage, Ham Roasts (about 3 pounds), and a Boston Butt (about 6 pounds).
  • Contact us to reserve your Pork Bundle.
  • Custom butchering for whole pigs available – call to inquire.


Grass-fed Beef

Individual variety cuts are available, see our Order Form for details.

At Bendy Brook Farm, we serve a customer who is dedicated to humanely raised 100% grass fed beef. We take pride on the quality of our meat and ensure that our beef is dry aged for 3 weeks in the meat locker at our butcher for the very best flavor – this is about a week longer than most other farms. We take extra care and time for tender cuts! There are a few ways to buy bulk beef from us, so that you can stock up and save.

Beef Quarters and Halves

Save Big & Stock Up. Your Cow, Your Way.

By ordering a beef quarter or half, you can save big and stock up on grass fed beef for your whole family. Because you order in advance, you get to choose how the butcher cuts your beef, and totally customize your order between steaks, roasts, ground, chipped and other great cuts. As usual, our meat is 100% grass fed and grass finished on our chemical free property, with sustainable values where we honor quality of life for all of our animals. Order between July and December for custom butchering orders.

  • Each quarter is about 110 lbs. of butchered beef (varies)
  • You can order your beef any way you want it – you can order your steaks and cuts bone-in or bone-out – and ground beef, chipped steak, roasts, or other special cuts.
  • Each cut is individually vacuum sealed at its peak of freshness.
  • Contact us to reserve your beef & get a cutting order form.

Quarter Cow Too Big?

Try An 1/8 or a Sampler & Save!
Is a quarter or half cow just too big for your household? You can try a sampler value pack or a 1/8 cow package and use your regular freezer, but still save a bundle. It is also a fast and easy way to order, since there’s no custom butchering instructions.  This is a great way to stock up on grass fed beef with Farmer Nevin’s favorite cuts.

Value Pack Sampler:

  • 12-13 lbs. of grass feed beef
  • Includes 3 assorted steaks (approximately 12 oz. each), a roast (approximately 3  lbs.), 5  lbs. of ground beef, and a pound each of beef cubes and chipped steak.

1/8 Cow Bundle:

  • 46-48 pounds of grass feed beef.  Includes a little bit of everything! Get the experience of a custom cut beef side with less commitment.
  • 12 steaks! 3 NY Strip, 3 Delmonico, 1 Sirloin & 4-5 additional farmer’s choice steaks
  • 4 Roasts (about 3  lbs. each) and a London Broil
  • 18 lb. ground beef in 1 lb. packs
  • 3 lb. each beef cubes and chipped steak
  • 2-3 grab bag items such as short rib, osso bucco and more.

Pastured Chicken and Turkey

We organically raise our chickens & turkeys outside on pasture. The flocks are raised in moveable pens that are rolled down the pasture daily, always offering access to grass, bugs, and plenty of fresh air. They have overhead cover available for shade, and are protected from predators. Raising poultry outdoors and with plenty of fresh grass for pecking and room to spread their wings, produces a healthy and nutritious product.

Bulk Chickens 

We butcher chickens on the farm about 4 times per season. When we are butchering, we offer our customers the option to pick up fresh chickens (chilled, but not frozen) in bulk at a discount. Stock up and save when you get fresh chickens!

6+ chickens. Pick up on farm. Call Nevin to reserve your chickens. 610.698.1086

Holiday Turkeys

  • We take orders for Thanksgiving turkeys starting in September and require a small deposit to hold your bird.
  • Thanksgiving Turkeys are fresh, and can be frozen for Christmas.
  • All of our ground turkey and turkey products are packaged in November, and frozen with a vacuum seal for freshness and a 1 year shelf life.