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Reserve your Thanksgiving turkey - final cost will be dependent on the weight of your bird.

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100% Grass Fed beef, per pound

Beef sticks: $1.25/lb. (sweet, mild, and hot)

Bones: $2.00/lb.

Brisket: $9.50/lb.

Chipped Steak: $9/lb.

Cubed Steak: $9/lb..

Chuck Eye: $13.00/lb.

Chuck Roast: $7.00/lb.

Delmonico: $19.00/lb.

Filet Mignon: $28.00/lb. (Steaks range from .4-.5 lb.)

Flank Steaks: $21.00/lb.

Flat Iron Steak: $13.00/lb.

Ground Beef: $7.00/pack (1 lb. each)

Hanger Steak: $14.00/lb.

Heart: $5.00/lb.

Hot Dogs: $7.00/pack (beef & pork, 8 per pack)

Jerky: $7.95/lb.

Liver: $5.00/lb.

London Broil: $9.25/lb.

Marrow: $5.75/lb.

Mock Tender: $15.00/lb.

New York Strip: $19.00/lb.

Osso Bucco: $7.50/lb.

Oxtail: $8.50/lb.

Pot Pie (beef): $10.95 each

Patties (ground beef): $7.50/pack (4 patties per pack, about 1 lb. total)

Petite Tender: $15.00/lb.

Ranch Steak: $13.00/lb.

Short Ribs: $7.00/lb.

Sirloin Steak: $12.00/lb. (Steaks range from 1.5-1.7 lbs.)

Skirt Steak: $21.00/lb.

Sweet Bologna: $5.00/pack

Tallow: $2.00/lb.

Top-Round: $10.00/lb. (Steaks range from .8-1.1 lbs. per pack)

Tongue: $4.50/lb.


Transitional organic grain, prices are per pound

Baby Back Ribs: $9.50/lb.

Bacon: $11/1 lb. pack (non-nitrite)

Bones: $2.00/lb.

Grill Sausages: $7.95/pack (Fresh)

Grill Sausages: $7.95/pack (Sweet Italian - has just a little kick)

Ground Pork: $6.50/1 lb. pack

Ham: $8.95/lb.

Ham Steak: $8.95/lb.

Hock: $4.00/lb. (Weight ranges from 1.45-1.65)

Hot Dogs: $7.00/pack (all pork, 8 per pack)

Pork Chops: $12.50/lb.

Pork Loin: $15.00/lb.

Pulled Pork: $9.50/1 lb. container

Sausage Patties: $6.50/1 lb. pack

Sausage Links: $6.50/pack (8 links per pack)

Shoulder/Boston Butt: $6.00/lb.

Spare Ribs: $9.95/lb.


PASTURED Chicken on soy-free transitional organic grain, prices are per pound

NEW! Whole Chicken, cut-up: $6.95/lb. (All the pieces of the chicken, cut apart, all in one package.)

Breasts: $14.00/lb.(2 breasts per pack)

Hearts & Livers: $6.00/lb.

Legs & Thighs: $5.95/lb. (2 legs and 2 thighs per pack)

Drumstick: $4.75/lb.

Thighs: $7.75/lb.

Bones: $2.00/lb. (2 carcasses per bag)

Broth: $6.00/quart

Feet: $2.00/lb.

Whole Chicken: $4.95/lb. (weight ranges from 4.85-5.25 lbs.)

Wings: $4.50/lb. (5-6 whole wings per pack, weighing from 1.3-1.6 lbs.)


PASTURED Turkey on soy-free transitional organic grain, prices are per pound

Boneless Thighs: $7.75/lb. (2 thighs per pack)

Boneless Breast: $8.00/lb. (1 breast per pack)

Ground Turkey Breast: $13.00/lb. (packs are approx. 1 lb.)

Drumstick: $5.95/lb. (2 drumsticks per pack)

Wings: $4.50/lb. (2 wings per pack)

Bones: $2.00/lb. (1 carcass per bag, weight ranges from 2.8-3.5 lbs.)

Necks: $2.00/lb.

Hearts & Livers: $6.00/lb.

Turkey Pot Pie: $10.95/ea.

Turkey Pot Pie Filling: $6.00/pint


Pastured chickens on soy-free transitional organic grain

Dozen: $6


Chicken Broth Quart: $6.00

Beef Broth Quart: $6.00

Turkey Broth Quart: $6.00


Locally Raised Rabbit: $7.95/lb.

Raw Pet Food

Turkey Mix Raw Pet Food: $7.75/lb.

Fermented Foods

Fermented Foods available for Southeast PA Home Delivery ONLY.

Kraut: $8 (16oz.) [Collegeville only]

Curtido: $9 (16oz.) [Collegeville only]

Kimchi: $9 (16oz.) [Collegeville only]

Beet Kvass: $7 (12oz.) [Collegeville only]

Ginger Beet Kvass: $7 (12oz.) [Collegeville only]

Turmeric Beet Kvass: $7 (12oz.) [Collegeville only]

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